Your experts for home maintenance & repairs in Braintree, Essex

Whether it is a leaking pipe, a jammed door or a list of home improvements we are here to help. In addition to this our skills and experience means that we are well placed to take on larger projects including complete refurbishments and home extensions.

Village Property Maintenance is a Braintree based 3rd generation property maintenance & small works building company founded in 2002. The company is still family-owned and continues the family tradition of delivering the highest quality workmanship to all of his customers.

The aim of the company is to provide its customers with every service they require to keep their homes warm, dry and well maintained. We have personal relationships with all customers and as a result, we have a high referral rate and the majority of our work comes via word of mouth.

Areas we cover

  • Carpenters in Braintree
  • Electricians in Braintree
  • Plumbers in Braintree
  • Painters in Braintree
  • Home Adaptations in Braintree
  • Home Extensions in Braintree
  • Garage Conversions in Braintree
  • Carpenters in Felsted
  • Electricians in Felsted
  • Plumbers in Felsted
  • Painters in Felsted
  • Home Adaptations in Felsted
  • Home Extensions in Felsted
  • Garage Conversions in Felsted
  • Carpenters in Takeley
  • Electricians in Takeley
  • Plumbers in Takeley
  • Painters in Takeley
  • Home Adaptations in Takeley
  • Home Extensions in Takeley
  • Garage Conversions in Takeley
  • Carpenters in Dunmow
  • Electricians in Dunmow
  • Plumbers in Dunmow
  • Painters in Dunmow
  • Home Adaptations in Dunmow
  • Home Extensions in Dunmow
  • Garage Conversions in Dunmow
  • Carpenters in Stisted
  • Electricians in Stisted
  • Plumbers in Stisted
  • Painters in Stisted
  • Home Adaptations in Stisted
  • Home Extensions in Stisted
  • Garage Conversions in Stisted
  • Carpenters in Bradwell
  • Electricians in Bradwell
  • Plumbers in Bradwell
  • Painters in Bradwell
  • Home Adaptations in Bradwell
  • Home Extensions in Bradwell
  • Garage Conversions in Bradwell
  • Carpenters in Cressing
  • Electricians in Cressing
  • Plumbers in Cressing
  • Painters in Cressing
  • Home Adaptations in Cressing
  • Home Extensions in Cressing
  • Garage Conversions in Cressing
  • Carpenters in Terling
  • Electricians in Terling
  • Plumbers in Terling
  • Painters in Terling
  • Home Adaptations in Terling
  • Home Extensions in Terling
  • Garage Conversions in Terling
  • Carpenters in Shalford
  • Electricians in Shalford
  • Plumbers in Shalford
  • Painters in Shalford
  • Home Adaptations in Shalford
  • Home Extensions in Shalford
  • Garage Conversions in Shalford
  • Carpenters in Gosfield
  • Electricians in Gosfield
  • Plumbers in Gosfield
  • Painters in Gosfield
  • Home Adaptations in Gosfield
  • Home Extensions in Gosfield
  • Garage Conversions in Gosfield
  • Carpenters in Halstead
  • Electricians in Halstead
  • Plumbers in Halstead
  • Painters in Halstead
  • Home Adaptations in Halstead
  • Home Extensions in Halstead
  • Garage Conversions in Halstead
Earls Colne
  • Carpenters in Earls Colne
  • Electricians in Earls Colne
  • Plumbers in Earls Colne
  • Painters in Earls Colne
  • Home Adaptations in Earls Colne
  • Home Extensions in Earls Colne
  • Garage Conversions in Earls Colne