General Maintenance

We do the jobs you hate, all you need to do is make a list and we will take care of the rest.

We all have things we don't like doing, so if you have jobs that you have been putting off we can take care of them for you. no matter what the job, we have the skills and industry experience to provide the ideal solutions. From Sticking doors, replacement window locks through to replacement front doors and windows we are here to help

With over 30 years of hands-on experience in the construction industry, there are not many general maintenance jobs we cant do! 

We also appreciate that we cant all be good at everything so don’t feel bad about not tackling those home improvements of DIY tasks, that’s why we are here. As we have said, just make a list and send it to us, we will take care of the rest.

Whether it is hanging a picture, changing some taps or changing some door locks right the way through to installing a kitchen we can do the lot! All you need to do is ask.


The security of your home depends on the integrity of many things but the most important is your doors. At Village Property Maintenance we are expert in install secure locks and other devices to the doors in your home.

  • Smart Lock Installation
  • Door Easing
  • Replacement hinges and Door Furniture
  • Changing Standard Locks
  • Upgrading of Standard Locks
  • Replacement Doors


Most homeowners pay a window cleaner to regularly clean their windows to ensure their home looks presentable but very few think about the upkeep of the window itself. At Village Property Maintenance we are on hand to help with the repair and upkeep of all types of window.

  • Sash Window Repair
  • Window Locks
  • UPVC Repairs
  • Misty Double Glazing Repairs
  • Window Hinges
  • Replacement Window Seals


Probably the most under-appreciated element of your home, the stairs in your home need care and attention to perform to their best. At Village Property Maintenance we can fix some common faults.

  • Squeeking and creaking staircases
  • Loose handrails and Newel Posts
  • Additional Handrail Installation
  • Stair Gate Installation
  • Repairs from Stair Gate Removal
  • Painting and Decorating
Village Property Maintenance

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