Garden Electrics

Power throughout your garden - where you need it!

At Village Property Maintenance Limited we provide a range of services to bring power to your garden, shed and the outbuildings. We can help with everything from outdoor plug sockets, power for fountains and garden lighting.

Outdoor electrics are an excellent addition to any home. Plugging your lawnmower or any garden tool into a purpose made outdoor socket is far safer than trailing an extension lead through a window or worse still, doorway.  At Village Property Maintenance, we are here to help, all you need to do is give us a call, we will take care of the rest 

Garden power sockets

We are expert in the installation of all elements of your homes security to ensure protection for every window, room and door. Against intruders, fires, water damage & much more.

  • Outdoor Power Sockets
  • Outdoor Lighting
  • Security Lighting
  • CCTV

Garden power provision

Arguably the best deterrent against opportunist break-ins, a good CCTV system will not only put off most home intruders but if they do persist and attempt to gain entry you will have the whole thing recorded to show the police.

  • Garden Office Power Supplies
  • Hot Tub Power Supplies
  • Fountain and Water Feature Power
  • Shed Power Supplies
  • Shed Lighting
  • Outbuilding Power Supplies
  • Outbuilding Lighting
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